The Benefits of Talking to the Dead

The Benefits of Talking to the Dead

When I was in my 20’s I went to visit a Mayan time keeper in Guatemala. He told me that I could see the invisible people…ghosts. It took a couple of decades to realize it but when I finally understood what he meant, I knew that I had been communicating with spirits all along. I am a spirit Medium and these days the dead talk to me frequently. Animal spirits too.

The last time I saw my dear friend Panorama Ray it was 1997 and he was in a coffin. I didn’t believe that he was dead. He still looked so alive even though his eyes were closed. I thought he was going to jump out of the coffin, like he had played a big practical joke on us all. I can see now that this was because I felt his spirit close by, wanting to connect with me.

A couple of years ago I came out of a break up with someone who had also been good friends with Panorama Ray back then. PR’s spirit came to me when I first started dating his friend and he told me many things about Dave. He had advice for Dave too, which I passed along. He was not ready to hear it. I didn’t want to believe what PR had said about Dave because I wanted the relationship to work out but all of what I intuited came true.

That’s the thing about talking to the dead. You’re probably going to get the truth from them. They usually appear to us to help guide us, typically wanting the best for us. They want to help us. It feeds their spirits to serve us in this way.

Many people know that they’re deceased loved ones and other spirits have wisdom to share. That’s why people seek the guidance of Psychics and Mediums. Talking to the dead can help us to understand living.

Being a Medium is perhaps the greatest gift that I’ve been given. It is a beautiful thing to be able to facilitate communication with our ancestors for others. It’s a way for me to be in service, knowing that what I am doing is helping people. Whenever I go too long without doing a reading for someone, I start to feel stagnant. By communicating with spirits I can help the living and the dead but it also brings me joy.

Mediumship, psychic awareness and the ability to heal are gifts that we all have. It’s not supernatural at all. You just have to be open to the possibility and to rediscover it. It may take time but each one of us can access our own psychic awareness. The key is in believing it is possible and then trusting that you are capable of it.

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