What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is a non-verbal, telepathic method for speaking with animals, also known as intuitive communication. Like humans, animals have self-awareness. They have emotions and belief systems, can feel and think, and have the ability to communicate telepathically.

I can do this work for living and deceased animals from anywhere in the world. I do not have to be present with the animal. All I need is a photograph, using the same method that has been used by seers for millenia.

How Does it Work?

After setting an intention, I ask permission to speak with the animal. I receive messages in the form of words, feelings, perceptions, pictures and other physical sensations, to  interpret what the animal wants to share. My guides, and the guardians of the animal, assist me to help come to solutions. The communication is never forced and is done with the utmost respect and understanding.

It is not necessary for me to be present with the animal. I can communicate remotely through using a photograph.