Companion Animals

Your companion animal has come into your life for a reason. It is one of your spirit guides. It is your family. And for these reasons you want the best for your relative. I am here to help you connect with your companion, in order to offer both of you the best life possible.

How I can help you and your companion animals as an animal communicator:

  • Through helping your animal companion to heal from illness and trauma
  • Through helping you better understand your animals’ needs
  • Through helping you both find peace in living with each other and your families
  • Through helping you create a deeper relationship with your animal companion
  • Through helping with your animals’ behavior and training issues
  • Through offering guidance, grief and coping after the passing of an animal companion

Please note that I am not a vet and do not make diagnoses. Any recommendations I offer about health care come from guidance I receive through the communication.

Deceased and Missing Animals

Even after your animal companion has crossed over the rainbow bridge, they are there to guide you. Their beloved spirit is forever present. It is still possible to connect and receive answers that you may seek.

I can usually get a sense of if the animal has crossed over and may be able to help locate missing animals or help you find answers to what has become of them. When there is uncertainty, I will ask them to show you, that they are okay. This may come in the form of dreams or clues in your life, to give you some indication.

As with living animals, I am able to communicate with your deceased using only a photograph. It is best to provide a high-resolution image, showing the eyes of the animal if possible.

Wild Animals

Though they are undomesticated animals, communicating with wildlife is just as powerful as communicating with our closest companion animals. All animals are messengers of Great Spirit, offering their guidance to help humankind to learn how to best evolve. I am available for work with zoos and for wild ones in need of special care.

Interspecies Communication

Interspecies communication does not stop with animals. Trees, plants and insects all are lifeforms that each of us was once able to communicate with naturally. They have so much to teach us, helping to guide us in ways modern man still has trouble believing possible.