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Animal communication consultations can be done remotely and therefore it is not necessary for me to be present with the animal. I just need a clear photo of your animal (preferably where I can see its eyes), along with the name of the animal, gender and any questions or concerns you may have.

In addition I offer private psychic mediumship sessions and long distance or in person metaphysical clearing/healing sessions for humans and their animal companions.

Consultation Cost

The cost of a consultation is typically $75 per session. However I can offer sliding scale rates for those in need, just ask. It is paid through PayPal or Venmo once the initial communication, verifying my accuracy, is complete.

I also offers long distance clearing techniques and psychic mediumship sessions for humans and via zoom. $25 for a 20 minute psychic/mediumship zoom session and $50-$101 for clearings.

Book a Consultation