Last winter Rosemary helped me through a difficult time when my cat Ralphie suddenly stopped eating and came very close to death. He became extremely thin and was sleeping with his eyes open. I felt that if I didn’t do something I was going to lose him, so I reached out to Rosemary.

One week before I had taken him in for a routine yearly check-up at the veterinarian clinic where Ralphie and I were told that he would not live much longer. Ralphie was doing fine before then. Rosemary suggested I talk to him and let him know that it is ok for him to stay and he does not have to go until he is ready. Right away I sat down with Ralphie and told him this and that he was very loved and that I wanted him to stay.

Immediately I could see the difference in him! He started eating and gaining weight and is now completely recovered. Rosemary’s communication was very helpful and now I also know what kind of food he likes and that he loves music!

I cannot put into words how much the work Rosemary does means to me. Anyone who has put so much attention on helping, aiding and healing animals has my complete admiration and trust. I am so happy that Rosemary was able to help me.

Olivia Decatur, GA

Nhako used to seem more anxious which made me anxious. I was worried he was unhappy. He would “cry” a lot and pick on my other cats..

He hasn’t been doing ANY of that and I feel like my relationship with him changed since your reading.

It came at the perfect time. It was getting a bit chaotic in my home. Nahko was crying in the middle of the night, picking on the other cats, and even peeing on things he shouldn’t. It was like this for many months and our home just wasn’t peaceful for humans or cats.

Your reading really put me at ease, knowing that he’s happy, and it has given me the ability to be able to listen to my pets and not just worry and get anxious. I’m much calmer now and I try to just listen to him. In turn he has been so calm and loving. We have our special time every day but he’s much less “jealous” when I spend time with my other cats. Being in tune with Nahko has helped the whole house seem calmer.

Nahko really does seem to need a little bit of extra attention. I have deep connections with all my cats, but his is beyond deep. He’s always there to give me love when I need it the most. I feel like I’m really learning to just sit back and listen to him and feel his energy. Since the reading and putting in the time to nurture that connection, our home is peaceful again. 

Tatum USA

Before I knew about Rosemary’s work, I was thinking that what we may need was a cat therapist, even though that seemed far out. I was a bit doubtful of her ability to communicate telepathically. And I don't want to say that I was desperate, but I really wanted to know how to make Minky happier.
Rosemary helped me to see what I did not realize. That what I also wanted was to make our relationship better, so that I would feel happier too. Because I feel happy when the people/pets I am nurturing are happy.

Now Minky asks to be in my lap very often. She used to have an angry meow asking to be petted but now when I look into her eyes I see a softer look when she asks for attention. Now she does not wake us up early in the morning or beg for food like she did before. I feel a connection and understanding growing between me and Minky.

I am so thankful for Rosemary’s help!

Audrey Athens, GA

I feel so fortunate that Rosemary has chosen to share her gifts with us. With one conversation, she was able to bring so much understanding and peace to my most challenging cat and I. Our relationship had been strained, some of his behaviors I hadn’t understood, and it was hard to not take his actions personally. Since Rosemary communicated with him, he and I have a renewed bond. She helped me to understand him better and he in turn has become extra affectionate and attentive. The change has been incredible. Following her suggestions has led to a happy, harmonious relationship. I would recommend Rosemary wholeheartedly. In fact, I already have! At least four of my friends have become clients as well!

Charlotte New Orleans, LA