Rates are on a sliding scale from $40-$100 per hour. Package rates are available for better affordability as well.

After Death Planning & End of Life Guidance

           Advance care planning

           Living wills

           Medical advocacy

           Swedish death cleaning

           Natural death care education


End of Life Comfort & Death Bed Care

            Bedside vigils

            Respit care for families

            Creating environment and ambiance for final days

            Grief processing support


Legacy Work

            Memory books and quilts

            Legacy stories


Spiritual and Green Funeral Guidance

            Funeral Celebrant


            Home vigil/ Natural death care education

            Writing obituaries/ eulogies

            Educating on final disposition options

            Green burial advocacy

            Virtual memorial support


Spiritual Guidance

            Purification ceremonies

            Spiritual bathing

            Dream interpretation

            Home energy clearings

            Guided imagery meditations

            Animal communication sessions

            Clairvoyant mediumship sessions


End of Life Care and Planning for Animal Companions

            Attending euthanizing 

            Organizing pet funerals 

            Cremation attendance 

            Natural pet burials

            Working with local vets to do home EOL care 


End of life good humor and memorial art

            Fun-erals- planning your own party before you go

            Momento mori art- ash painting, paw prints, lockets, mementos

            Post mortem photography