Aliens?! Really?!

Aliens?! Really?!

First of all, I think it is quite ignorant for us to believe that with so many stars, galaxies and universes out there, we are the only intelligent life here. I don’t believe in trying to convince anyone that ETs exist but I do like to share my own experiences.

I saw my first UFOs standing on a dirt road in the Arizona desert when I was twenty-one years old. It was not quite dark enough to see the stars but just above a nearby mountain sat a bright light in the sky. I pointed it out to my friends and we looked at it perplexingly. Moments later, two more lights rose up from behind the mountain just below the first one. They all sat in the sky forming a perfect triangle together for several seconds, then suddenly, staying in formation, they shot across the sky over head and out of view at lightning speed. We were sure of what we had seen but nothing rational could explain it. We were convinced that they were spacecraft.

I have seen them several other times as well. Once in Hawaii when what looked like a shooting star fell over head followed by another in the exact same place and pattern, disappearing immediately. Another time when on vision quest, I stared at the sky and was thinking about the White Buffalo Calf Woman, who is said to have arrived to earth on a meteor. As I thought of her a star began to move slowly in the sky, then turned at an angle going across the sky in another direction and then turning again moving in yet another direction. It was very high in the sky, had no flashing lights like a plane and did not move in a straight line as satellites do. I knew it could be nothing else but a UFO. On a visit to Plaza Blanca, New Mexico I felt a very strong sense of Star Nation energy but saw nothing until I got home and looked at my photos. Three of them had large bright green spots that looked otherworldly and compared to nothing in the rest of the landscape.

These incidents seem to be occurring more and more frequently lately. A few years ago, I was at a party at my best friends’ house in New Mexico standing around a firepit with several others. My friend had just said to us, “We are literally all made of stardust.” And at that most what appeared as a meteor, from the direction we all happened to be looking, shot across the entire horizon. It was probably ten or twenty times longer than any shooting star I have ever seen. How coincidental for it to happen at the very moment she had said that!

The last time I saw space craft I was on my Vision Quest in South Dakota. I had been learning a lot that year about the different species of ETs that many people now believe to exist. I felt like they were reaching out to me and one of my prayers was to have contact. I could feel that they wanted to teach me and I was eager to learn from them. I saw many shooting stars the first night. Then on the second night, as I lay in the grass looking up at the sky I saw a shooting star that was then followed by another in its exact path. That too was followed by another, and another, and another, until I had seen twenty seven “shooting stars” in that exact spot and pattern, one right after the other in a matter of a minutes’ time. I was told telepathically that I was looking at a star gate.

So yes, I believe in UFOs and ETs. My experiences have shown me that they exist. They are very real to me and no one can convince me otherwise. I think it helps that I have always been open to the idea. I also have begun to wonder if perhaps I came into my deeper psychic awareness so effortlessly because they have been helping me all along.

I believe that the majority of them want to help humanity and are doing what they can. Humanity is only just beginning to be open to the possibility of extraterrestrial life and I can only imagine what we can achieve together once we accept their presence and invite their help. If you have not had an experience before, perhaps if you open your mind a bit more, then you will start to see them too.

(Photos are from Plaza Blanca, NM. Notice bright green spots (and large orb in photo below) which I believe are the presence of Star Nation energy.)

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