Connect With Your Psychic Awareness

Connect With Your Psychic Awareness

All of us are born with psychic ability. It’s just a matter of remembering how to use it. Relearning how to be psychic can be natural for some, an ability they are “born” with, even showing signs as a child. Others are not aware of their gifts until they are much older. And others never learn to tap into it. Just like anything, it takes practice to do it well and authentically.

There are many ways of being a psychic intuitive. Some have more abilities than others but we are all capable of anything. You can be psychic and not be a medium but if you are a medium you are also psychic. Telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection, pyrokinesis and psychic surgery are all forms of psychic awareness. There are medical intuitives, dowsers, animal communicators, diviners and energy healers, plus so many more.

I had been having psychic experiences since I was a child but it was’nt until my adult years that I was able to remember those events and see that my third eye had been open my whole life. When I discovered animal communication is when my psychic intuition really kicked in. My love for helping wildlife brought me to a teacher in South Africa who showed me I had the natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals. Once I started to experiment with the technique she showed me, I saw that I had been doing it naturally throughout my life. The only difference was that now I had a very specific technique to be able to gain more accurate and deeper information.

However, to get good at it took a lot of practice. I took Wynter’s (Animal Talk Africa) courses. The last assignment was to turn in twenty case studies. I was very diligent, wanting to be sure of my own ability as much as I hoped my clients were. So, I did eighty case studies to come up with the twenty I felt confident enough to turn in. I wanted my readings to be so accurate that it could not be denied by myself, my teacher or anyone else that I was communicating with the animal. That meant getting a lot of information that could be verified. I put the condition on myself that the reading would have to be at least 75% accurate to pass my own test and for me to feel assured that it was authentic and not made up in my mind. It was a lot of work but it gave me the confidence to trust myself and to be able to do it well.

In the process of getting my certification as an Animal Communicator, I came across a number of blocks that would stop me in my course for weeks at a time. But I was determined. I had volunteered all over the world helping wildlife, searching for the best way to be of service to them. It was all I wanted to do and when I discovered animal communication, I knew that it was how I was meant to serve animals.

That process, of becoming a practicing Animal Communicator gave me confidence in many ways. After a few years in professional practice doing psychic work and mediumship for deceased animal spirits, I wanted to meet other psychics, so I started selling my crafts at a local psychic fair. After a couple of months, the woman who ran the psychic fair said she thought I should start doing readings for people too and encouraged me to join the fair as a psychic medium. It’s funny that I was still questioning myself because I had been leading sweat lodges for a few years and the ancestors were already talking through me, giving me messages for the people in ceremony with me. I had even had a human spirit come into one of my pet psychic sessions and communicate with me.

            Wanting to be sure that I could do this well and accurately, I began doing online zoom sessions with anyone who would volunteer. From the very first session I could see that I was just as capable of doing readings for humans as for animals. I spent a month doing sessions daily until I was sure I knew what to do before working my first psychic fair as a psychic medium for people. It gave me just as much joy to serve people in this way as it did to work with animals.

            You may have had experiences that have you wondering if you are psychic too? We all are. You just have to learn to trust your abilities and then practice to get good at it.

Believing it is possible is half of the challenge. Removing blocks that shut off your abilities is next. And then taking the time to do the practice is what will help you to prove to yourself that you can do it. Don’t be afraid to try. If it’s something that calls to you, it will be one of the most rewarding things you can ever do. It will give you great joy knowing that you are doing something that can truly be a service for helping others.

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