Query for Memoir How I Came To Be Me 

I was nine years old the first time I saved myself from a life-threatening situation. A boy held a switchblade to my little sister’s throat, looking for a fight. He came out of nowhere, and the words I said to talk him down did too. Once we were safe, I realized that Great Spirit guided me to safety. Somehow, I knew it always would, except when I refused to listen.

From witnessing supernatural events to falling in love with a heroin addict, this is a story about my evolution. Led by my desire to become a renowned artist, I supported myself as a private dancer and created an art career with nothing but trash. My keen intuition has kept me safe through this unique journey as I’ve traveled a sometimes enlightening, sometimes dangerous path.

As an artist, I’ve received several awards, national press, and an online following in the thousands. I’ve traveled the world sharing my art and recently have begun to combine art and wildlife rescue work. However, my most important calling is as an animal communicator, healer and Sun Dancer of the Lakota tradition.

How I Came to Be Me is a 64,446 word personal memoir. Since you’re interested in memoirs about human perseverance and triumph over adversity, I thought you might enjoy it. It would appeal to teens and adult women who are looking for inspiration to realize their strengths, showing them that your past does not define who you are.

This story ends as I’m living in New Orleans, just before Katrina hits and I’m forced to start a new life. I plan to write a second book that would explore the aftermath of the hurricane, and the time I spent homesteading and building an Earthship, as well as my spiritual journey through exploring shamanic traditions and being an animal communicator.

You can take a look at my blogs here: https://theartofenrapturing.blogspot.com/

and https://theadventuresofathena.blogspot.com/

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Rosemary Kimble