My Creative Writing

Below are examples of my creative writing.  You can read more writing samples at my Art of Enrapturing and Adventures of Athena blogs.


How I Came to Be Me

Making a living as a creative isn’t easy, but I’ve managed to live the life I’ve always dreamed full of spiritual experiences, inspiring people, and art.

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From the Forest Canopy

From my perch I look out onto the Tambopata River, its’ brown swift water streaming through the emerald green rainforest. It seems like I can see the entire Amazon from this high in the forest canopy. It is hard to conceive that a couple of weeks from now the ceiba tree I am in will be taken down by the river.

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The Beauty and Danger of Working for Sea Turtles

As we turn the bend toward the north side of the island, the current changes from gentle to fierce. I plunge my oar into the treacherous aqua blue water, and yell to my friend, "Paddle harder! Harder!". We are now in rough seas and dangerously close to the jagged rocks along the shore. I worry that our kayak might get tossed against them if we do not get out of the current quickly.

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