My Creative Writing

Below are examples of my creative writing.  You can read more writing samples at my Art of Enrapturing and Adventures of Athena blogs.


How I Came to Be Me

Making a living as a creative isn’t easy, but I’ve managed to live the life I’ve always dreamed full of spiritual experiences, inspiring people, and art.

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From the Forest Canopy

From my perch I look out onto the Tambopata River, its’ brown swift water streaming through the emerald green rainforest. It seems like I can see the entire Amazon from this high in the forest canopy. It is hard to conceive that a couple of weeks from now the ceiba tree I am in will be taken down by the river.

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Meeting the White Lions

When at last I entered the lions’ territory, my guide Sibisimo drove us down the sandy road towards my house, before making a sharp turn and coming to a sudden stop. There before me was the white lion pride.

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