The Encounter

The Encounter

In the early 90’s I was at a festival in Arizona in a forest where it was said that an alien abduction had occurred. The movie “Fire in the Sky” had been made about it.

There I met an angelic type being who called himself Dragonfly. He sat on a blanket with my friend and I, and we were immediately mesmerized by his deeply loving nature. As he spoke about interacting with ETs, others were drawn to him too. He told us that that night he intended to meet a mothership craft on the top of the mountain that we were on. He invited us to join him. My friend and I decided to go because we wanted to spend more time with this fascinating person. And somehow, we knew that it would be an adventure no matter what. Several of us left straight from there.

At the top of the mountain, we all sat around a fire late that night talking. Out of the blue, the girl sitting beside me looked up and said, “I don’t understand it but something strange keeps happening to me lately. My ear is turning into an elf ear.” and she reached up to touch it seeming quite alarmed.

In disbelief and at her encouragement, I reached over to touch her ear myself. I could feel it growing into a point between my fingers, like that of an elf! She was shapeshifting! I asked my friend to touch her ear to be sure that I was not imagining it, and she felt it too! Everyone sat in complete amazement but no one else attempted to come take a look. I don’t actually remember anything about the others who were with us.

Soon the girl’s ear went back to normal and we all became very sleepy. We could not stay awake and everyone fell asleep on the ground around the fire. When we woke up at sunrise, the mother ship had not appeared and Dragonfly was still there with us. Still in awe of the previous night, we all walked down the mountain together, deep in contemplation.

At the bottom of the mountain, we parted ways and I never saw Dragonfly again.

I recently was asked to share my experiences with a psychic friend who was writing an article about UFOs for her blog. I told her I had seen many but I had never had contact with an ET, to my knowledge. For some reason I shared this story with her and she said, “That was an alien! She pretended to be surprised by what was happening to her to not give herself away. You have had contact!”. And in that moment, I thought she was probably right. I had never considered that before! I began to wonder if Dragonfly was an alien too.

After all, I had been led to this mountain top by this mysterious man named Dragonfly (the symbol of the Dragonfly means transformation) to look for a Mothership UFO. So, they knew that I was open to these ideas. I had also believed in the existence of fairies my whole life, so perhaps they somehow knew that seeing an ear shapeshift into that of an elves’ may be particularly intriguing to me or less disturbing.

It is only just starting to set in now that it could have been an actual encounter with an ET. Which makes me wonder if it has ever happened to me other times that I am unaware of. Within a year or so of that same incident, I met two other individuals, on separate occasions, who appeared to be more than human, angelic like. Even if they were angels, are’nt those ETs too, not being from this planet? I have to wonder what else may have happened on the mountain once I was asleep. Have I been visited other times?

Whatever the case, I learned a huge lesson that night that has helped shape my life. That is, if shapeshifting is possible, then could’nt anything be possible? It is a moto that I have lived by ever since.

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