Silver Balloons

When I was a girl, maybe 9-12 year old, I had a remarkable incident happen to me…twice. In our front yard landed a large silver balloon. It was just like the ones from Andy Warhol’s art, only a little more deflated having been in flight beforehand. It was taller than I was, and almost as big as our VW bus. It came down from the sky and into my front yard. It happened again awhile later.

I did’nt know what they were but I knew magic had happened, though it felt perfectly natural to me. They seemed like some sort of sign meant just for me. Perhaps they were signs from my angels, telling me, “We are watching you and we know you are a true believer in magic.” With all that is going on with these odd balloons in the skies lately, I now wonder if they were some sort of craft. Whatever the case was, it helped me to believe in the paranormal. I started to experience more unexplainable incidents in life, yet each time it seemed completely natural for such things to occur.

All my life I have had magical and unexplainable experiences. I have learned not to try to figure them out. The great mystery is vast. It’s not always meant to be understood.