Reading the Signs

Reading the Signs

I believe that the more you can notice the signs the universe is sending you, the easier life can be. They are always there. It is part of the guidance that our intuitions and spirit guides share with us. You just have to learn to read them.

Last fall I got trapped in Puerto Rico during the hurricane. It came up unexpectedly even though we were watching the weather. We thought it was going to pass the island but instead Hurricane Fiona sat in the ocean and built strength overnight, then headed straight for us. It was too late to get to an airport by then.

The next morning, I wondered if we were safe and how much danger we were in. The storm was approaching from the other side of the island. I got a strong sense not to worry too much. Then a little parrot came and sat on the railing outside my window. The wind had already begun to pick up but it sat there for perhaps a half an hour, perfectly still and calm, even appearing to be sleeping at times with the wind whipping all around. It was not afraid of me, sitting only a few feet from him and it did not move the entire time. I felt the little bird saying, “Yes, a big storm is coming but you will be safe. You do not need to worry. Just as I am sitting here calmly in the wind, trust you can do the same. Trust that you will be ok and do not fear it. I am here to tell you that you will be safe.” After this happened, I found a great sense of peace around what was coming. I somehow knew I would be ok. The winds got pretty heavy and the waves high but we stayed safe even being just one hundred yards from the shore. I thanked the little bird and the universe for giving me some peace of mind.

You will often know it’s a sign because it will be something out of the norm. However, not everything is a sign. Sometimes it’s just nature happening, giving you a good show for your viewing pleasure. Typically, signs come when you are seeking some guidance, looking to solve a life problem or hoping for confirmation about something. Be on the lookout for signs when you are questioning something in your mind, they often appear at that moment. You can usually tell that it’s a sign because it’s out of the ordinary and it strongly resonates with you.

I believe we are constantly being given signs but our human minds miss them because we are so distracted by other things. It is important to begin to look outside of yourself more and notice what is happening around you. It is when we are so stuck in our heads that we miss the signs. The more we can be still and sit in nature, the easier it becomes to read them. But most of all, reading the signs is truly about trusting your intuition. You have to believe in yourself and trust that you are being well guided.

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