Mayan Spirit Voice Recording- Guatemala

Mayan Spirit Voice Recording- Guatemala

Here is a sound bite from a recording I made of a spirit voice while in a Mayan Shrine on Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala. In the clip I am talking with my mentor and asking way too many questions, as usual.

You can very faintly hear the ancestor's voice whispering incoherently throughout until the end when when we both stop talking and the Spanish word, "Excusima." is heard very clearly in a ghostly sounding voice. The English translation is, "Excuse her." which my elder believes is him saying "Excuse this woman for asking so many questions." Lol! My only intention when recording it was to have it as a reminder to myself of my elders teachings but I inadvertently got this amazing spirit voice as well. I did not know it was here until I went back to listen to all of the recordings six months later.

Although I am talking too much, it feels like confirmation from the ancestors that I was in the right place and am on the right path learning from the Mayan lineage. It also felt like it is something important to share with the world. That is why I made this video, to be able to share this sound clip. This recording is done during my first initiation, which are a couple of the pictures in the video. I was given permission to take photos and audio recordings by my elders there. I asked permission of the ancestors to share this before doing so as well. I have not shared the images I have taken in these ceremonies until now. And I do not share the names of my mentors and shamanic teachers as I feel this would be a violation of their privacy.

The recording was made as a voice memo on my iPhone. It is so clear that it is certainly paranormal. And any one who knows me knows that I love to study the paranormal. I even became a certified Paranormal Investigator as a side hobby. I needed to post a video to be able to post a sound bite and so I picked these photos, avoiding photos of people in private ceremonies other than myself and my elder. The sound clip only recognizes mine, my mentor and the spirits' voices. The recording is special to me for a lot of reasons. I wanted to share it because I believe it is proof that there is a spirit realm which the ancestors and our spirit guides can communicate with us from.

Connecting with the ancestors and these Mayan elders has been a powerful experience. It is wonderful confirmation that I am on the right path. I am eternally grateful for this connection to my ancient roots and to the Mayan Grandmothers who see who I am. I give thanks to them and to all of you who have trusted me and who have supported me on this path.

Matiox Wopila

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