In Love With Guatemala

In Love With Guatemala

Have you ever fallen in love with a place? I am so in love with Guatemala that it hurts to say goodbye. There is a special energy that I feel when I am here, like a cosmic connection that has been with me for eternity. I have felt this in other places but nothing so strong as this. I have also never felt so welcomed in a place, by its people and the land, as I do here.

Every time I have visited, it is like I have come home. I have had incredible spiritual experiences each time I have come here for over twenty years. The first time I ever visited here I was told that I was a witch and could speak with the ancestors by a Mayan Time Keeper, before I really knew what it meant for myself. In the past year I was invited into the Mayan Tzutuhil spiritual community through an initiation ceremony recognizing me as a Medicine Woman. I have been doing the work of a healer for many years now but how validating it feels for this ancient culture to recognize this in me as well.

            I have been here for two months because this time I was visiting to make plans to move here. Sadly, I have come to the realization that I cannot live here. I’ve had to be honest with myself and recognize that there are too many factors that do not fully support my dreams in life. It’s heartbreaking. It almost feels like I’m cheating on a lover to go back and live in Atlanta. But I have to be true to myself now, just as I listened to my intuition to come here and explore this possibility.

            Unlike a lover, I know that Guatemala will be here for me whenever I want to come home to her. And when I return it will be just as special as before. I don’t feel like I can stay away for long. She is in my blood and always has been. I am eternally grateful to the Tzutuhil for their acceptance and love. And I love Guatemala for all of the experiences, lessons, and beauty she has shown me.

Until I return, much love to you Guatemala! You are forever with me.

Thank you! Matiox!

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