A Passion for Travel

A Passion for Travel


(Pictured, a Roseatte Spoonbill in St. Mary's, Ga and a cliff dwelling home at Bandelier National Monument, NM)

For most of my life, I’ve been excited about the future and lately for the near future. Even thinking of traveling just two days from now or two weeks from now, is enough to thrill me. It’s exciting not knowing what exactly is to come of it but being wide open to the possibilities. That is why I loved being a traveling nomad, driving down the highway towards the next adventure and not knowing what to expect. When you’re a wanderer, nothing is defined or routine. You have little expectations for what’s to come.

I don’t typically do research before I travel somewhere either. I never went to college and I have a terrible knowledge of geography. I usually know very little about a place I am going, preferring to keep things mysterious until I arrive. Then it feels even more exotic. I might come to find out, “Wow! I can go on safari here?” or “How fascinating. They still practice animism here!”. It’s never a problem... always a surprise.

What I also love about traveling is how it inspires me. I am constantly intrigued when I travel, always exploring. Even if I am going to a place I have already been to. Traveling gives me a passion for life. I get so excited about creating the journey, that sleep isn’t even important anymore. I don’t want to miss a thing! I eat, breathe and sleep the journey I am on. I want to photograph everything! And write about it! It’s a wonderful feeling to be passionate about life.

When I travel, I am very aware of time and my surroundings. I think about  things like, “If I get there in the next hour I can catch the sunset!” Or “I have a little time before the train leaves so I’ll take a walk and see what I may have missed here.” It feels like every moment has great potential for creating- art, connections, friendships, memories, stories!

Of course it’s important to stop and enjoy stillness as well. But even when I am already exhausted, I am still excited to explore more, right up until my last moments in a place. I might get up in a small town at 4 am to go to a sunrise Buddhist ceremony, then end my day in the city I will fly out of, at midnight, after a great meal and a walk on the beach.

I want to make the most of every single moment. When one trip ends, I cannot wait to start the next adventure. I am excited to see where it leads me and what will be created from it. When I travel I am open to all possibilities. I feel like it’s a good investment for me to travel because I believe it’s an important part of the school of life. And it’s a school I love attending! Travel gives me something more in life to be passionate about. 

Factory Obscura, immersion art exhibit- one of my favorite art forms- interactive art!

Day of the Dead altar at the Museum of International Folk Art in New Mexico, US

Loretto Staircase, a mysterious creation that defies engineering, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Crystal Shrine Grotto, Memphis Tennessee, US

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